Bike 'n Ski Award
In 2014, the Canadian Birkebeiner Society and Multiple Sclerosis Society - Alberta and NWT Division - partnered up to create a unique award opportunity; the Bike ‘n Ski Award. The award celebrates individuals who complete both a long-course Canadian Birkie cross country ski event (55, 31  or 29 km) and a MS Bike Tour - either the Leduc-Camrose road bike Tour, or new in 2015/2016, the Hinton Mountain Bike Tour
Recipients receive a beautiful ceramic mug as a keepsake and their names are presented in the Bike ‘n Ski Award recipient list for the year in which they completed the challenge. Individuals need not do a bike and ski event in the exact same year; participation in either event from 2014 and forward will count. Participants can only receive the award one time; although we warmly encourage people to keep doing both events because they are so amazing and intrinsically rewarding.
If you cycled the Leduc to Camrose Tour or the Hinton Mountain Bike Tour and are interested in skiing a long course event at the next Canadian Birkebeiner, call the Birkebeiner office at 780-430-7153 to receive $10 off of your registration.

Registered already for the next Birkie and interested in a MS Bike Tour? Call the MS Society office at 780-463-1190 to receive $10 off your registration for the Leduc to Camrose Tour or the Hinton Mountain Bike Tour. Click here to register for a MS bike tour.

2017 Recipients
  • Bob Atlee
  • Rick Bobier
  • Scott Boorman
  • Trish Boorman
  • Paul Emery
  • Barry Geates
  • Nick Holt
  • Karmen Li
  • Lyle Sutherland
  • Matthew Wilton
2015 Recipients
  • Tristan Auriat
  • Roger Brown
  • Jeff Bruha
  • Moataz Fahmy
  • Krysta Forrest
  • Jordan Hart
  • Alexander Inglis
  • Juliette Inglis
  • Carol Kuzyk
  • Curtiss McLeod
  • Danielle Meunier
  • Jeff Meunier
  • Karen Ockerman
  • Jim Ofrim
  • Alex Petrosky
  • Ted Schenk
  • Sietske Speerstra
  • Victor Stepa
  • Erin Tessier
  • Paula Woodman
2014 Recipients
  • Suzanne Beland
  • Anne Bradley 
  • Stewart Inglis
  • Dave Klikach
  • Julia Klikach
  • Graham Metzger
  • Kirsten Newman
  • Paul Preston
  • Gary Saskiw
  • Liza Shatula
  • Patrick Yoma