Birkie Training Group Fall Dryland Session

Look for this great course next year, 2018.

Course Content: 
This course will focus on activities like Nordic walking and ski bounding, cycling, strength and core work, stretching, etc; with the aim of making a smooth transition from general to ski-specific fitness (e.g. aerobic and anaerobic, strength, flexibility) and technical (e.g. ski specific balance and agility). The program will be of significant benefit in preparing the body for higher volumes and intensities of ski specific training once the snow comes to stay. 

Registration:       Minimum of 6 registrants needed to run the session.  

Bring poles, preferably walking length (about 10 cm shorter than your regular classic length) and a headlamp.

Dates and Times:
Look for next year in fall, 2018

Cost:     NO REFUNDS (if the course runs) 



Gold Bar Park shelter (10955 50 St.) unless otherwise notified by the instructor.



Roy Merritt - on sabbatical