Mission statement

  • To stage a major annual cross country ski event (loppet) in the Edmonton region, following the tradition of the parent Norwegian Birkebeiner for the premiere event.
  • To promote cross-country ski participation in a fun, friendly atmosphere for all ages.
  • To promote a healthy lifestyle by increasing public awareness of the benefits of cross country skiing as a winter recreation activity.
  • To undertake or endorse, from time to time, other events in locations deemed just and reasonable by the Board of Directors.

Objectives for the Canadian Birkebeiner Society

The initial purpose for the formation of the Canadian Birkebeiner Society in 1985 was to stage a major recreational cross-country ski event (loppet), following the tradition of the Norwegian Birkebeiner. This is still the major focus of the Society; however, the Society has considerably broadened its objectives over its 31 year history to include the following:

  • To promote cross-country ski participation in Alberta and Western Canada by providing a wide-ranging event for skiers of all abilities and ages in a friendly atmosphere.
  • To promote family participation in outdoor recreation.
  • To enhance the image of cross country skiing by providing a fun, festive atmosphere before, during and after the event.
  • To promote increased outdoor winter recreation, and thus health and fitness benefits throughout the winter, by offering pre-event ski lessons, promotions and tours to the public in the Edmonton area.
  • To increase public awareness of recreational opportunities at the Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area by working in conjunction with the Park staff to promote the trails and facilities through the Ski Festival.
  • To assist in developing Alberta's largest track-set trail system by working with the Provincial staff at Blackfoot in pre-event maintenance and year-round trail system enhancement.
  • To provide promotional opportunities for recreation oriented outdoor groups who volunteer at the event food stations, through pre-event and event day publicity.
  • To actively market the products and services of Ski Festival sponsors to increase public awareness and use of products, and sponsors support of cross country skiing.