Top 3 Overall female and male winners in the 55 km, 31 km, 29 km, 13 km events will be awarded at the Festival Tent.

Age Group Awards

Award Ceremonies will be held throughout the afternoon in the Festival Tent for age groups in the 55, 31 and 29 km timed events; you must provide your race day age on your entry form to be eligible. Age group results will be displayed for the 13 km event for information only; there are no age group awards in this event.

55 km Medallions

Awarded to first-time finishers of either 55 km event (with pack or lite) at the finish line - be sure to collect yours.

55 km Year Pins
Skiers who complete either 55 km event (with pack or lite) will receive a pin reflecting the total number of 55 km Birkies they have completed. These pins can be added annually to the ribbon hanging your 55 km Birkie finisher medal. Be sure to pick yours up in the Festival Tent after your ski.

Special Awards

Unique Awards will be presented at the Vikings' Feast.