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Saturday 10 Feb 2017  6PM  -for the archives


          Without instrumentaton on site,  I sought data from sources  within 50 km.

From that assessment it appears that start temperature would have been about minus 6, well above average.  Wind that had been quite light at sunrise seems to have increased by 9-10 am to 15-20 kph-- as suggested by flags flying on Facebook video.

     Temperature rose to about minus one by noon and maybe a degree or two warmer by 3 pm. Winds increased to a sustained 25 kph or less;  and I found one report of a gust to 36 kph.  Skies were sunny.


  Undisturbed snow depth reported from YEG, was 13 cm,    well below the elusive average of about 20cm. This might be a useful calibration point  for the minimum needed to run this event in the future..